New Settlers

San Francisco’s oldest neighborhood was home to the Ohlone when the Spanish arrived and subjugated them. Spanish priests and soldiers conscripted the Ohlone to build a structure. The Mission has at times been grazing lands, a frontier settlement, a home to Italian immigrants, a German neighborhood and an Irish one. It has been a place for immigrants to get their start — until now.

This neighborhood is changing yet again. Even as the city’s Latino population has grown, the 50 square blocks around the Mosqueda home — once 65 percent Latino — have lost more than 2,400 Latino residents since 2000, according to Census Bureau data.

San Francisco’s tech boom is reshaping communities, family by family, business by business, block by block . A new group of settlers is arriving on 24th Street, known to some as El Corazón de la Misión, the heart of the Mission. Wealthier than previous residents, they are choosing the Mission’s bustling cultural mosaic over the city’s stodgier, old-money neighborhoods and the faceless suburbs of Silicon Valley.

(SF Chronicle)